How many of you have seen some of the 3D showcases for my listings?  Buyers love them, sellers love them, and I love them. They are awesome! Haven't seen them? Here is an example:

As you can see, it gives the visitor a chance to virtually walk through the home. They can spin around, explore rooms, and do basically everything you can do when you see the home in person. This makes it difficult to hide any imperfections, which can make some sellers nervous. Aside from the coolness factor, this is what makes these 3D Showcases so great!

How many houses have you seen online where they don't show pictures of the ridiculously tiny bedroom at the end of the hall or the bathroom with the ugly green toilet and the large window in the shower? I was in one home the other day where the photographer somehow made the living room look like the size of a basketball court, but when we got there, it was about the size of a walk-in closet. How annoying is it to set up a showing, spend time out of your busy weekend to look at a home that you would never have set foot in had you seen the entire home and layout ahead of time?

Buyers will notice imperfections when they come for a showing, so why not have them available to display ahead of time? If the buyer isn't going to buy the home because of the way the dining room flows into the living room, then I don't want to waste anyone's time setting up a showing. I would much rather weed out the buyers who aren't going to like the home than waste everyone's time.

Why are there still showings that don't produce offers?

The 3D Showcase only shows the finished parts of the home. It doesn't show the basement (if unfinished), it doesn't show the outside of the home, it doesn't show the neighborhood, and it often tones down the view out the window. Is your home facing a smoke stack? A parking lot? A parking lot with a smoke stack in the middle?

Why else should I get a 3D Showcase of my home?

It's cool! Seriously, go look at the showcase above. Did you try the "Dollhouse View"? How cool is that?!

Coolness aside, let's say we've found your buyer. You're under contract, congrats! When you bought your first home, did you tell your family and friends? Did you show them pictures? In the social media frenzied world we live in today, buyers are more excited than ever to share their good news. What better way to show off their future home than to have their mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, etc. take a tour of the home with a 3D Showcase? Buyers can click through the home with their friends and family, and really give them a tour! This causes the buyers to form an attachment with the home. Their friends and family are so excited for them. They've already picked out which room will be little Johnny's, and have paint colors and décor purchased!

Are they more likely to follow through with the sale despite any roadblocks prior to closing? Absolutely!