Every listing of mine gets a domain name associated with the listing. A domain name, like www.539Auburn.com makes the home easy to find, and directs buyers to a preferred website where you can showcase the highlights of the home on your terms.

Here are five important reasons your home's listing should have its own domain name:

  1. It's easy to remember
    "Your house is for sale? What's the address?"
  2. Your home stands out from the competition
    How many listings have their own domain name? Does your neighbor's listing have one? Most homes with domain names are high end homes fetching millions of dollars. Your home will be one of the only ones in your price range (unless your listing happens to be going for millions of dollars) featuring its own domain name.
  3. You control what buyers see
    When you tell your coworker that your home is on the market, and they have someone that they know will love it, where do you send them? Most people will just give the address and have the coworker Google it. Go ahead and Google an address of a home you know is for sale. Where does it take you? Sometimes it takes you to Zillow, sometimes to Trulia, but sometimes it takes you to the real estate office's site whose compressed images and basic info aren't doing your home justice.
  4. Buyers aren't confused Zillow's wild guess Zestimate
    Zillow's Zestimate is a constant point of confusion for buyers and sellers. Zillow admits its median error rate is significant. Half are above, and half are below that error rate, and it varies by market. What if your home's Zestimate is $20,000 below your asking price? It doesn't make sense to confuse buyers with an inaccurate price estimate when you can send them to your home's very own domain.
  5. Your home's 3D Showcase and Video Tour are highlighted
    The MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, and the hundreds of other sites out there haven't found a good way to highlight new technology such as video and the 3D Showcase. Few agents are using true video, and even fewer are using 3D tours, so it doesn't make sense for these sites to support something innovative when few agents are asking for it. With your home's very own domain, we can be sure that the 3D Showcase and video tour are right at the top of the page, where it should be.